Michael Vick-timized?

The Eagles backed off their diagnosis of Michael Vick‘s injured hand and the star quarterback relented on his pointed criticism of NFL referees.

A CT scan taken Monday showed that Vick only bruised his hand in Philadelphia’s 29-16 loss to the New York Giants on Sunday. And later in the day, Vick said he won’t be complaining about the officials anymore a day after saying they are failing to protect him from late hits.

Speaking to reporters as he was leaving the Eagles’ facility on Monday, Vick said his hand is “still swollen, still sore” and displayed a large cast he is wearing. He also said he won’t be complaining about the referees anymore. On Sunday he blasted officials, saying he wants to be treated like other quarterbacks.

Vick said he respected the jobs the referees have to do and wouldn’t call them out again.

“The refs have to do their jobs and they have tons of things to look over,” he said. “I was kind of out of character and being too candid in that aspect. Ultimately I have respect for the referees and their decision to make calls … you won’t hear me complaining about it anymore.”

Earlier Monday, Eagles coach Andy Reid said X-rays taken during the game showed Vick may have had a fracture but a CT scan on Monday showed that Vick’s hand wasn’t broken.

“Today, he had a scan and it showed there was no break,” Reid said. “It was a blood vessel sitting above the bone. That happens at times with X-rays. The blood vessel makes it look like it was a fracture. There is still a bunch of swelling. It is sensitive to the touch. The positive is there is not a fracture there.”

It’s uncertain if Vick, who throws left-handed, will play when the Eagles (1-2) host the San Francisco 49ers (2-1) next Sunday.

“We will see how he does over the next couple of days,” Reid said. “We have to get the swelling where it is manageable and he feels comfortable.”

Reid wouldn’t say whether Mike Kafka or Vince Young would start if Vick can’t play against the 49ers.

“He always wants to play, that’s how he is,” Reid said of Vick. “He’s a competitive guy.”


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